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Corona Policy

With the constantly changing advice and rules due to Corona, Growing Minds makes sure to remain flexible, available and up-to date. 


Growing minds has changed the opening times to suit the timetables and schedules of the schools. If schools to close, Growing Minds will still be available to help your child by providing online guidance. 

If schools close, I will be available to help your child with their online work. All they have to do is reach me, and I will assist them with whatever work they need help with. This will means that you are free to continue with your own work without the added stress of online learning.

Image by Kimberly Farmer
Art Class


Growing Minds disinfects and cleans the classroom thoroughly after each session. If there is another breakout, the children in Grades 4 and higher will be wearing face masks and the room will be well ventilated, but also warm in the winter!

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