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On the arranged days, I will pick up your child from the International School Utrecht at the end of their school day. The Growing Minds classroom is only a short walk away, where the learning and fun may begin!

Secondary kids can walk over to De Pionier on their own and wait until I arrive. 

Image by Amy Shamblen


The children will have a little snack-break before they begin their work. This way they can unwind and take a breather before they begin their session. This also give the children a chance to interact with kids of all ages!

Image by Anton Sukhinov


At the end of each session, you may collect your child at De Pionier. I will bring them to the front so that you may collect them.

Secondary kids can leave unaccompanied by an adult. 

How it works: Services
Learning From Home

Most secondary students join Growing Minds to help them with their organisation skills, homework and general tutoring. Many are in The Writer's Workshop, where they learn to write essays, and to practice their written language skills. 

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