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The Growing Minds Learning Center is an after-school program dedicated to support students with their educational needs. It is a combination of private and group sessions to help make learning more fun. The focus is to provide academic support and a safe environment for students. Each student will receive a healthy snack and be involved in homework and classwork activities. My goal is to provide a safe educational space for the children to grow and learn.


Growing Minds Learning Center is open to pupils on Monday through Friday at Growing Minds Learning Center, De Pionier, 8n, Room 4.06A, Grebbeberglaan 15, 3527 VX Utrecht. Registration for homework guidance and tutoring takes place by means of the fully completed and signed registration form. This also declares that you agree with the general terms and conditions.

When registering for homework guidance, you commit yourself for at least two months and for the full course fee. A month is a calendar month, starts on the first of that month and must be paid in full. The notice period to end the sessions at Growing Minds Learning Center, is one month. Cancellation must only be made in writing, at least one calendar month in advance, counting from the first of the month. There will be no refund of course fees. The minimum is two and a half hours per week. 


Payment is made afterwards and once a month, for which Growing Minds Learning Center sends an invoice with time registration. Any objections to this account must be made known within five working days. The school holidays, as they apply to secondary and primary education in this region, have been taken into account when drawing up the rate. This is based on a school year with 40 weeks of 5 days. A holiday period in a particular month therefore does not lead to a reduction in the monthly rate.

For current rates, always see:

The pupil always pays for the number of days agreed in the agreement, so also when the pupil, for whatever reason, has not been or has not been able to come. Exchanging or making up of days is possible, only if there is space. If the supervision is cancelled by Growing Minds learning Center, that day will not be charged.


Pupils visit the class once, two, three, four or five times a week and for two and a half hours at a time.
Growing Minds Learning Center enters into a best efforts obligation with the students entrusted to it and their parents. Growing Minds Learning Center does its utmost to achieve the desired result, but makes no guarantees with regard to school results.
Growing Minds Learning Center excludes any responsibility for the loss, theft or damage to students' property at lesson locations.
We request that you make any complaints about the content and/or form of the course in writing to the founder of Growing Minds Learning Center, Josephine Zelleke.
Pupils are automatically deregistered at the end of the school year or otherwise no later than July 1, as no lessons are given during the months of July and August. You have to re-register for a new year.

Location: De Pionier, 8n, room 4.06A, Grebbeberglaan 15, 3527 VX Utrecht.

KvK: 83967761

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